6 May 2004


Tonight marked the end of that show, you know, the one with the coffee shop? I can't say I'm sad to see it go. I'm sure all of my coworkers will tomorrow be discussing with puffy eyes the end of an era or something like that, but somehow, despite having seen much of the first two seasons, the hooks just never got too deep into me.

I think I really watched it just because it was on before Seinfeld. Either that or I liked hanging out with my sister.

2 April 2004

now to learn the secret handshake

When it comes to free web services and sites, I am an utterly hopeless compulsive joiner. Behind me in my years of web use I have left a wide swath of forgotten accounts and un-revisited pages. Some I would use for months and others I would forget almost immediately after joining. At one time I collected email addresses (both for forwarding and actual mailboxes) and had so many that I needed to use a full sheet of paper to map out which went where (but never why).

So to stumble across something like the fantastic metafilter and to be told that no new users were being accepted was something of a slap in the face. To then see that it won some prominent blog community awards for being a community site made it even more so. I wanted to join and contribute, not just leech off the links and vicariously enjoy the conversations.

Well, I guess the powers that be decided to open back the floodgates and allow us peons back in, albeit at the somewhat limiting rate of twenty a day. Naturally I was poised on the page, anxiously refreshing until the very second the signup link was to go live... and I made it. I was the seventh or eighth person today and likely not the last for a long while of people to join, and hopefully contribute something to what is one of my primary sources for new and interesting stuff on the web.

There's really no reason for me to mention any of this, other than not wanting to talk about the fact that the inspectors found some preliminary evidence of termite activity in the house we're pursuing. Oh, and I didn't hate Men with brooms, I just didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I had wanted. Likewise The league of extraordinary gentlemen, which was far too slapdash and cobbled-together of a movie to be truly enjoyable, and quite frankly the CGI looked somewhat dated. So it's not good enough to be a SFX showreel nor does the movie stand on its own without the flashiness. All in all the book's much better (the graphic novel by Alan Moore), though I have to admit that the Nemomobile's a fine looking car, dual elephants on the front end and all.

On a related note, I enjoyed watching the BBC's The office's first series far more, and it didn't have any special effects at all.

22 March 2004

victory is mine

Well, it took some eight or ten M*A*S*H episodes of heightened vigilance, but I finally caught a glimpse of Gary Burghoff's missing fingers (well, just the ends of them). I'm up to the fourth season, thanks to cheap DVD stores and my local library, and I've come to respect it as decent television, though I can no longer recall which doctor other than Alan Alda's Hawkeye that I had previously thought was on the show--Trapper John (the actor's name eludes me) had thrown me for a loop the first three seasons but now the cast looks funny without him.

I'd put even money that nobody else has ever pointed out Gary Burghoff's sinister secret. Now that I know it, though, it's rather obvious that he's always concealing his hand. Some times it looks natural, but often enough it looks like he's up to something, especially in light of the fact that everybody else makes no effort to hide their hands. But did I ever notice before? No. Does it matter now? Still no. It's just another useless bit of information that I can use to frighten and bewilder people.

Sinister, ha ha ha. Get it?

20 March 2004

fragmented sentences about entertainment

Read Jonathan Lethem's As she climbed across the table and really enjoyed it. Thought In the heat of the night was pretty decent and not too dated. Still trying to read Trollope's Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson Also reading Days between stations by Steve Erickson, but can't recall why nor will I let myself read the dust cover to determine what it's supposed to be. Started watching BBC adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, and can easily recognize the BBC-ness of it all, though cannot describe how or why. Am unable to use complete sentences for no apparent reason.