10 January 2008

another one bites the dust, sort of

About four years ago I installed my first blogging software, and eagerly started up my first blog. My aim was clear, and almost noble: I wanted to make some sense of the years and years worth of pages and pages of online bookmarks*, I'd accumulated over a decade or so. Knowing my shortcomings when it came to keeping a regular online writing schedule, I figured I'd easily be able to stick to one post per day, about one interesting or noteworthy link.

I think I lasted three weeks before I started fudging the timestamps and changed it to one post per weekday. Then, at some point it was once a week, and then I just about gave up.

Over the ensuing years, I'd added the odd link here or there, usually just a draft, and made only the most necessary updates and changes. I did migrate it from Movable Type to Wordpress, and updated the theme based on one I'd made for a Blogger blog, but otherwise it sat dormant, save for the odd spammer or two. The real commenters stopped commenting years ago, so any new ones I was getting weren't worth keeping anyway. Turning off the comments option didn't seem to work, and neither did the few plugins I felt like messing with, so finally I just decided to archive it as static pages and get rid of that copy of Wordpress altogether. It was over a year out of date, and rather a bit of a security risk anyway.

So, for posterity, here is Ketchup. I'm not even sure if any of the links still work.

*Nowadays it's trivial to find a site to organize, share, and store one's bookmarks. I've even joined one or two of them, though I've found anymore it's easier to just, knowing something exists, search Google for it. Nine times out of ten that works.

3 January 2008

prescient or just timely?

Though it coincides with the beginning of the new year, my attempt to post more frequently has nothing to do with any official New Year's Resolution. That said, if I have any chance of keeping it up, I'm probably going to need to have some drafts ready for future dates when I can't find anything interesting to post.

Which leads me to a fortune I recently found in a cookie:

Put your mind into
planning today. Look
into the future.

Which is rather relevant, I suppose, but I'm only posting it because it ties into a discussion I've had with many people over the years: I seem to be more likely than most people to get fortunes that don't gain a bit of double entendre humor by adding "...in bed" to the end of them. Like the one above*.

I do realize that it's probably statistically insignificant and that I get no more of them than any other person would from the same fine dining establishments, but I seem to notice it more.

* Or others I've posted previously.

31 December 2007

remembering 2007

I didn't post as much this year. Notable things about which I wrote nothing:

  • Both of my grandfathers died in December. I still haven't figured out what I want to say about that.
  • I failed once again to complete a 50,000 word novel in November. But I came up with a much better idea for next year's.
  • Natalya turned 1 year old in October, meaning we could finally officially stop worrying about SIDS. Not that I ever did anyway.
  • I left the fashion industry in September. I also read the complete Harry Potter series (for the first time) in under four weeks. These two events are not at all related.
  • In August (I think) the guy housesitting for my neighbor across the street passed away in her house, and was not found for a week. I was one of the few people on the street who had ever even met the guy, and I didn't even know his name until he was already gone. In cleaning up her house, my neighbor gave me a nice desk ending the four years I'd used my computer with it and me both on the floor.
  • I can't really remember much of anything from July. So ends the monthly portion of this wrap-up.*
  • The two hundred or so photos I've posted on flickr aren't even a fraction of the over seven gigabytes of JPGs I've created this year.
  • I survived watching 61 movies from India, most of which could be considered "Bollywood". Two I watched without any subtitles at all.
  • The entire year passed without me attempting to access the internet with my mobile phone, despite it being capable of doing so.

More ideas may occur to me - I just didn't want to let December pass without any posts at all. Happy new year.

* The only other month-based item of note is in January, wherein I visited Chicago the weekend of B-Fest but was unable to attend it because I was in Illinois for less than a total of 24 hours. Eating dinner in the Signature Room of the John Hancock Tower was superb. Being back at my desk eighteen hours later was not.

7 October 2007

another redesign

For over three years the front page of my website has been relatively unchanged (take a look), and to be honest, it looked more like 2002 than 2004.

Until today. Today I finally switched over to a new design, and completely new underlying programming, that I began working on back in March. I'd intended it to be an April 1st prank (the working title was 417), a past-the-trend Web2.0 redesign, but April 1st came and went and I was nowhere near being able to flip the switch.

Well, now I've flipped it.

It's still not 100% complete - I really wanted to build my own photo gallery, and intend to do so still, but the two boxes of thumbnails on the front page are actually the result of a fair amount of coding, and more than a few tools for fetching the images from Flickr and showing them. A complete list of the tools I used and am using is beyond the scope of this post, but the number of them that I tried and didn't use would be four or five times as long.

I still have a long way to go with bringing all of the old stuff to match the new, but given what I'd done with those pages sometime between 2004 and now it won't really be that big of a deal to update them all together.

One thing I'd really like to highlight, though, is the code directory. Right now there's only one page there, the monkeymaker, but I think that my fellow Columbus residents* may find it to be useful. Launching that has been something I've meant to do for quite some time, but I never got around to writing up that post.

For that matter I'd been meaning to do the rest of these updates back in August when I discovered that my web hosting had changed, breaking almost all of what I'd coded, down to how I'd referenced filenames. I made enough of a nuisance with the hosting company to get some of what I needed fixed (Not bad considering how little money they'll ever make from me), but the rest of the broken stuff I needed to fix by hand.

It's been an interesting challenge - there are a lot of things that just don't work right, but coding around them has been almost fun, and certainly educational.

It's a never ending learning process, though - and if you happen to find something I still need to fix, or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance if you do.

* At least the ones that use both Firefox and the local library with some regularity.